Type:CX-BT-WSSX-100B explosion-proof electrical contact thermometer digital

Illustrate:Brief introduction 1.with the reliability, long-term stability of the design that 2.Adopts world‘s leading micro-processing technology and advanced analog-digital conversion algorithm 3.high precision, low power requirements. 4.Large-screen LCD display technology, make the data easy to read

CX-BT-WSSX-100B explosion-proof electrical contact thermometer digital

Brief introduction
1.with the reliability, long-term stability of the design that 
2.Adopts world‘s leading micro-processing technology and advanced analog-digital conversion algorithm
3.high precision, low power requirements. 
4.Large-screen LCD display technology, make the data easy to read
5.Corrosion-resistant, anti-vibration, can be used in a variety of complex environments. 
6.Ceramic sensor durability, safety and health, can be used in food hygiene industry
7.Widely used in a variety of liquids, gases, pressure measurement occasions
Main parameters

Measuring material gas, liquid, flammable substances must be indicated when ordering 
Power supply DC 18V-24V (recommended DC 24V) non-switching power supply 
Supply Current 200mA 
Maximum load electrical contacts 1A (AC250V) 
Accuracy 0.25%; 0.5%; 1.0% 
Measuring range -40 ~ 500 ℃ (can customized based on your requirements)
Operating temperature -10 ~ 85 ℃ 
Transport temperature -30 ~ 50℃
data update rate 3 times / sec 

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