Type:CX-ICM-1103 industrial conductivity transmitter

Illustrate:It’s specially developed for water quality tests in such industries as chemical industry, power stations, electronic industry and fermentation industry

CX-ICM-1103 Industrial Conductivity Transmitter

Brief Introduction
1.It is our company’s latest-developed two (four)-wire transmitter type intelligent integrated industrial conductivity meter,
2.Adopts the bran-new design pattern and is characterized by its high performance and reliability as well as LCD display. 3.
3.It can be used with various electrodes with a maximum measuring range up to 2000uS/cm.
4.It’s characterized by its high accuracy, fast response, small volume and easy installation and maintenance.
5.Has isolated 4~20mA output, strong interference immunity and long transmission distance up to 200 meters.
Main Features
1.Equipped with the latest single chip microcomputer
2.Adopts the LCD can display the conductivity and temperature values respectively.
3.The electrodes with the following electrode constants can be used in this meter: K=0.01, K=0.1 and K=1.0
4.Power-failure parameter protection
5.The four levels of measuring ranges can shift automatically.
6.Automatic temperature compensation.
Main Parameters

Ambient temperature 0~55C
Relative humidity <85%
Power supply 24 VDC
Solution temperature tested 0~60C
Conductivity measuring range K=0.01 electrodes: 0~20.0 µS/ cm, K=0.1 electrodes: 0~200.0 µS/ cm K=1.0 electrodes: 200~2000 µS/ cm
Temperature measuring range: 0~100C
Intrinsic error of conductivity measurement ±l%F.S
Intrinsic error of temperature measurement ±0.5C
Temperature compensation range 0~60C
Temperature compensation influence error ±0 5%F.S/10C
Isolated current output and intrinsic error 4~20mA (RL≦500Ω) ± 0.5%F.

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