Type:CX-PF-0501 fluorinion combination electrode

Illustrate:It is the indicate electrode that measures fluorine ion concentration in water solution or measures the stable conjugate that can connect to fluorine’s ion concentration

CX-PF-0501 Online Fluorinion Combination Electrode

Brief Introduction
1.CX-PF-0501 Online Fluorinion Combination Electrode is pressure proof, anti-pollution
2.Widely used in semiconductor materials, solar energy materials, metallurgical industry, fluorine-containing electroplate industry etc. for waste water treating process control, emission monitoring area.

Electrode Dimension Diagram

Main Parameters
Measuring range 0.2ug/L-2300mg/L 
Automatically temperature compensation 0-99.9C, 25C is the base
Tested water sample 0-9.9C, 0.6Mpa
Interfering ion AL3+ , Fe3+ , OH- etc.
pH value range 5.00~10.00PH
blank potential > 200mV(> 200mV)
electrode length 195mm
body material PPS
electrode screw 3/4 screw(NPT)
cable length 5m

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