Type:CXNS-70 chlorine sensor

Illustrate:It can online monitor the residual chlorine concentration for the drink water ,water disinfection in industrial process . It can also used in the swimming pools where the place need to measure the residual chlorine concentration.

CXNS-70 Chlorine Sensor

Main Features
1.Sensitive response ,good stability
2.Do not need to replace the diaPHragm and the electrolyte .
3.Suitable for variety of waste water , it is difficult to be damaged and anti-pollution
Main Parameters

Measurement HOCl/residual chlorine Minim HOCl/residual chlorine
Range 0.05~20ppmHOCl 0.01~5ppm
Polarization time First time 30min First time 90min
Second time 10min Second time 45min
Response time 0%﹤2min(room temperature )
95%﹤5min(room temperature)
Operating temperature 2~45C
Min velocity 200~250ml/min,flow-through flow can not less than 30L/h
PH range 4~8.2PH
Proof pressure range 0~1bar
Temperature compensation Thermal resistance value can be customize by the requests
Electrode cable 3m high impedance and low noise shielded cable
Electrode size Diameter 20mm ,length 70mm
Electrode material 316L stainless steel shell , PTFE ca

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