Type:CX-RDB waterproof dissolved oxygen (DO) test pen

Illustrate:Application: 1)Most laboratory, ecological studies and other applications 2)Water & Wasterwater treament 3)Electroplating rinse tanks. Drinking water 4)Hydroponics. Aquaculture. Aquariums & fish farms. Swimming pools

CX-RDBWaterproof Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Test Pen

Main Features
1.Microprocess based Test Pen, high accuracy, good repetition
2.Polarographic DO Electrode comes with membrane cap constructure membrane easy replaced, cost down, life-span long
3.Two points push-button calibration
4.Automatic temperature compensation
5.Auto-off conserves energy and lengthens battery lifespan
Main Parameters

Model CX-RDB70
DO Range 0.0-19.9mg/L
DO Resolution 0.1mg/L
DO Accuracy +/-0.5mg/L
DO Calibration Point 2 points
Temperature Range 0.0-99.9C
Temperature Resolution 0.1C
Temperature Accuracy +/-0.5C
Temperature Compensation 5-45C auto
Cal.Reminding yes
Operating Temperature 5-45C
Display Dual-display
Auto Off 10mins after last key pressed
Power 4 x1.5 V Micro Alkaline Batteries
Dimensions 1703737mm
Weight 90g

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