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Type:Gear Metering Pump

Illustrate:High Performance Epoxy Resin Glue Injection Hot Melt Gear Metering Pump

CX-GXGP Gear Metering Pump
The working principle of gear metering pump, gear metering pump is through a pair of meshing gears, one of which is the driving gear, the other is the passive gear, driven by the driving gear mesh rotation. The gear directly leaves a small clearance in the pump housing. When the gear rotates, the closed volume between the teeth increases and forms a local vacuum in the suction cavity where the gear teeth are gradually separated from the meshing. The liquid is sucked into the suction chamber under the effect of pressure difference. With the gear rotating, the liquid is pushed forward by the gear between the gear and the shell in two ways, and is sent to the discharge chamber. In the discharge cavity, the two gears gradually mesh, and the volume decreases, and the liquid between the gears is squeezed to the liquid discharge chamber Mouth.
The machining precision of gear metering pump is very high, whether it is the precision of gear tooth surface, or the gear and shell, the matching accuracy of gear and tooth top is very high. Therefore, the rotational displacement of gear metering pump is certain. In other words, every rotation of gear, the volume of liquid discharged is certain. Therefore, with the adjustment of the speed of gear metering pump, the gear metering pump can Enough to discharge the corresponding amount of liquid
Technical parameters of small displacement

Import / Export: one in and one out
Displacement: 0.15-3.6cc/r
Working speed: 10-100r / min
Conveying medium: colloid
Working temperature: < 200 ℃
Minimum inlet pressure: < 0.2MPa
Maximum outlet pressure: < 8Mpa
Sealing mode: combined seal
Rotation direction: clockwise from the direction of the driving shaft

Technical parameters of large displacement

Import / Export: one in and one out
Inlet pressure: < 0.2MPa
Working speed: 5-200r / min
Conveying medium: fluid
Working temperature: < 200 ℃
Outlet pressure: < 30MPa
Displacement: 6-30 (± 3%) CC / R
Sealing mode: combined seal
Rotation direction: clockwise from the direction of rotation axis


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