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Type:High speed pump

Illustrate:resins,emulsifiers,additives,corrosives,polyurethanes,binders,acids and acidic solutions,oxidizing agents hydrogen peroxide, hot melt adhesives,lubricants.


Number of revolutions: 100~1000r/min
Main material: 304SS, 316SS, 316LSS, 2205, 440
Gear structure: gear and shaft are integrated
Seal: fluorine rubber seal + fluorine rubber O-ring +440 bearing, porcelain bearing, PEEK bushing, (low temperature and low pressure, high temperature and high pressure 25bar)
Working pressure: 0-2.5MPa Medium viscosity:  ≤20,000 CP
Maximum temperature: common temperature: ≤100 °C, maximum temperature 315 °C Pump accuracy: ±0.5%
Can be matched with electrodes: servo motor, variable frequency motor, stepper motor,  brushless
Advantages: suitable for water measurement, suitable for measuring acid and alkaline medium, belonging to light load and high speed, viscosity can not be higher than 20000CP, the maximum use speed can reach 1000 rev / min, the speed can be increased from 100 to 1000 rpm.
Disadvantages: not suitable for high viscosity, not suitable for low speed, insufficient suction at low speed

Application industry:
Cement grinding aid, papermaking auxiliary, defoamer, emulsifier, water glass, flame retardant, catalyst, hydrogen peroxide, traditional Chinese medicine extract, textile dye, chemical auxiliary, surfactant, oxidant, scale inhibitor, hard fat Acid, triethanolamine, yeast, lactic acid, curing agent, acidic solution, alkaline solution, coater adhesive, brine, desulfurizer, pulp, film, tape, aluminum-platinum laminating machine, glue, glue, food filling , transport, metering, measuring most fluid media in the range of 0-14PH, etc...


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