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Type: CX-FS-FR12 electronic flow switch( thermal differential type )

Illustrate:CX-FS-FR12 type Electronic flow switch is suitable for different kinds fluid,4.Widely used in pneumatic and hydraulic systems, flow monitoring for recycled water, cutting fluid and lubricating oil , the protection of pump’s run idle.

 CX-FS-FR12 Electronic flow switch( Thermal differential type )

Brief Introduction
1.Suitable for the gas and liquid measurement
2.The set range can be 1-20m/s and have relay output (230VAC.4A).
3.Concise and direct indicator ,and with high reliable
4.Widely used in pneumatic and hydraulic systems, flow monitoring for recycled water, cutting fluid and lubricating oil , the protection of pump’s run idle
Main Features
1.No movable parts
2.Maintenance free and Easy installation
3.Suitable for variable diameter demand
4.Switching  value can be adjusted continuously
5.Extremely low pressure loss
6.Compact structure
7.LED indicator display flow trend and switch state
Technical Parameters
Set range 1…150cm/s( water),3…300cm/s(oil),20…2000cm/s(air)
Output PNP, NPN, Relay ,4-20mA, NO+NC (SPDT)
Power supply 24V±20%DC
Switching Current Max.400mA(PNP or NPN type ), Max.4A( Relay type )
Unload current Max.80mA
Flow indicator LED (6)
Set type potentiometer set
Proof Pressure range 100bar
Temperature gradient 4℃/s
Response time 1--13s,standard is 2s
Initialization time 8s
Electrical protection reversed-phase ,short circuit ,overload protection
Protection class IP67
Medium temperature 20--80℃
Environment temperature -20--80℃
Storage temperature -20--100℃
Connection M12 connector /2m cable (option)
Material Probe is stainless steel . Housing is PBT
Model Connection  Power Output
CX-FS-FR12-G12H-DC-RQ G1/2 DC24V relay

G1/4 or G1/2 screw connection 
When mounted vertically , it should install on the tube which flow direction is from the bottom to the top . When mounted horizontally , the probe should avoid air and sediment .
Electric connection 
LED functions and setup ( switch type )
Red LED light: If the cutting flow or velocity is less than the set value. The switch will be release and the analog value will be 4mA .
Yellow LED light: If velocity equal to the set value ,switch action .
Yellow and green LED light :It means that velocity is larger than set value. If the velocity will be faster ,the green LED  will be lighter ,
Installed the flow switch well ,let the velocity suit for monitoring and adjust the potentiometer .Let the first the green LEC just turn light . Then, after the velocity less than the current value , the switch will be released . To make the switch point less than the current velocity , it can adjust the potentiometer and make the green LED lighter .

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