Type:CX-UWDM-SFC water depth meter

Illustrate:Max range100m,200m(at20℃, optional) ·Measurement blind area ≤5%~2%F.S(atF0~FS,20℃standard surface) Draft depth: 500mm

CX-UWDM-SFC Water depth meter
Technical parameters(Models not with the below parameter could be customized)

Product type: CX-UWDM-SFC
Max range100m,200m(at20℃, optional)
·Measurement blind area ≤5%~2%F.S(atF0~FS,20℃standard surface)
Draft depth: 500mm
Accuracy of detection: ±0.5%(base on the standard flat surface in the water of 20℃)
Output signal:4~20mA;RS485;Switching value(optional)
Display model: LCD
Operation temp: 0~(sensor);- 10℃~(meter)
Operation power:DC12V/300Ma,DC24V/300mA50℃40℃
Wiring: Sensor down lead 10m, meter standard socket
Application medium: fresh water, sea water(choose during order)
P68 Protection level: transducer IP68

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