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Type:CX-MBFC-UQK-652-C-B marine float ball liquid level controller

Illustrate:Model UQK-652-C-B series Controller is realize the level alarming or contro- lling function, wildly used in marine ship or other equipment with close-vessel and open-vessel.


Model UQK-652-C-B series Controller is realize the level alarming or contro- lling function, 
wildly used in marine ship or other equipment with close-vessel and open-vessel which contained
the lubrication oil,fuel oil,waste oil, fresh water, pollution water etc, it also can be used in the
inflammable and explosive sites.

Technical data
a. controlling function;single-contact-point type
b. change over difference;  UQK-651-C: 10-70nuu   UQK-652-C: 10-40nun
Working temperature:≤150℃
Working pressure: ≤1Mpa
Repeat error: ≤20mm
Medium gravity:0.8-1.2g/cm³
Contactor capacity: 380V AC 1A, 1.5A,2.5-5A
Extension length:400-3000mm

Type selection:
general type; side-mounting UQK-651-C; top-mounting UQK-652-C
anti-explosive type(and the letter B) , grade-mounting UQK-651-C/B
                        Top-mounting UQK-652-C/B
anti-explosive type and grade:flame-proof type ExdII CT3-T5
certificate NO, of the anti-explosive instrument:GYB06264

Working Principle
The controller working principle is based on the Archimedes'principle, i.e. the floating ball immersed 
in the liquid, forced an upward buoyancy which is equal to the liquid weight drained off by the floating
ball with the variation of the liquid level in the vessel,the floating hall will go up and down and drive the 
connetion rod and the iron core to move upwards and downwards, and make the relative position to be 
changed between the iron core and the magnetic steel the magnetic force acts the micro-switch to send 
the on-of signal,carry out the controlling and alarming function for the liquid level。

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