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Type:CX-M Micro Oval Gear Flow Meter

Illustrate:1)min flow:0.5ml/min 2)Siemens CNC machining center 3)2 national patent technology 4)More 30 years’ technology accumulation 5)9 consecutive years as gold supplier for export

Micro oval gear flow meter  provide precise volumetric flow measurement of clean liquids found in a broad range of industries including automotive, aviation, mining, power,paint & petroleum. Applications include the distribution of fuels, fuel oils, lubricants, alcohols,  blending of bio & ethanol fuels, grease, adhesives, ink, insecticides & non-conductive liquids either pumped or gravity fed.

Why Choose us ?
Engineers’ team is from Siemens
Siemens CNC machining center
2 national patent technology
More 30 years’ technology accumulation
9 consecutive years as gold supplier for export
Accuracy is higher 40% than counterparts
Range ration is 3~5 times than counterparts
ISO,CE,SGS certificate
Max pulse ratio : 40000 P/L
Max working pressure: 1000bar
Gear and shaft can be changed by yourself
Chinese Academy of Sciences Supplier
benchmarking enterprises in Auto control&process instrument.

Mainly using conditions for Micro Oval Gear Flow Meter

hydraulic system precision dosing 2 and 3 component application
process control open/closed loop control corrosive chemical dispensing
water treatment additive injection automobile industry
system monitoring laundry chemical plastic technology
print process chemical batching chemical packaging and blending
ratio control consumption measurement oil metering
metering plant hydraulic test stand batching control
lacquering plant 2 component plant flow rate measurement
dosing Odorisation closed-loop management

Mainly medium for Micro Oval Gear Flow Meter

water gum chemicals fluid
oil dyes liquid adbrasive adhesive
grease petrochemicals isocyanate two-component mixers
paints adhesive ink waterbased liquid
skydrol brake fluid hydraulic oil sealant
gear oil low viscosity lubracating methylbenzene
Diesel Methanol methyl alcohol medium viscosity
polyol high viscosity offset ink Toluene
lacquer low lubricity resin Pharmaceuticals
solvent cavity wax wax clear lacquer
glycol glycerin sodium hydroxide caustic soda
ethylene diethylene triethylene propylene
corn oil cocoanut oil molasses bhylene
palm oil olive oil lard oil cotton oil
soy bean oil rosin oil rape seed oil dimethylthylsufid DMS
additive syrup sugar electrohydrodynamic
liquefied gas perfume aromatic substance pharmaceutical
peanut oil fluid food thioether tetrahydrothiophen THT
acryiat-composite Thiol mercaptan mercaptan-composite



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Basic parameters for Micro Oval Gear Flow Meter
Accuracy 0.5%  or  0.3%,
Temperature -30~80°C(customized)
Pressure 32bar(customized)
Output square-wave pulse
Supply 4-26VDC
Material chamber:SS316L or anodized aluminum


Model Flow range Connection
CX-M2-SS/AL 0.5~150 ml/min G1/8  female thread
CX-M3-SS/AL 1-300 ml/min G1/8  female thread
CX-M5-SS/AL 5-1000 ml/min G1/8  female thread
CX-M6-SS/AL 0.5-100 l/H G1/4  female thread
CX-M9-SS/AL 5-550 l/H G1/4  female thread
CX-M12-SS/AL 1~30 L/min G1/2  female thread
CX-M25-SS/AL 5-110 l/min G1  female thread
CX-M40-SS/AL 10-250L/min G1 1/2 female thread
CX-M50-SS/AL 10-500L/min G2 female thread

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