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Type:CX-TMFM thermal type gas mass flowmeter

Illustrate:CX-TMFM Thermal Type Gas Mass Flowmeter can conveniently and accurately measure gas-flow rate without temperature and pressure compensation, from which users can get gas mass flow or standard volume flow.

CX-TMFM  thermal type gas mass flowmeter

Thermal Type Gas Mass Flowmeter utilizes the principle of heat exchange to measure fluid-flow. This meter employs method of constant temperature difference to accurately measure gas mass flow, and it has the advantages of small size, high degree of digitization, easy installation, accurate measurement, etc.
The sensor part consists of two platinum resistance converters of reference level. It utilizes bridge type loop circuit, with one converter measuring fluid temperature, and another maintaining constant temperature difference that is higher than fluid temperature. The measurement can be made under high temperature and high pressure situation.  
It is a true mass flowmeter that can conveniently and accurately measure gas-flow rate without temperature and pressure compensation, from which users can get gas mass flow or standard volume flow.
Large ratio of measuring range. It can measure gas with velocity of flow from 100Nm/s to 0.5Nm/s, and be used in gas leak hunting.
Good anti-seismic performance and long useful life. The converter doesn’t contain movable part and pressure sense part, so that the measuring accuracy will not be influenced by shaking.
Easy installation and maintenance. If possible, on line installations and maintenance are allowed. (See Safety Notice)
Digital design. The meter utilizes digital circuit measurement to assure accurate result and convenient maintenance.
Factory automation and integration can be achieved by using RS-485 or HART communication.
Technical Parameter
Measuring medium All kinds of gases (excluding acetylene)
Range of caliber DN10~4000mm DN25~2000mm
Range of velocity of flow 0.5~100Nm/s
Order of accuracy ±1%
Working temperature Sensor: ambient temperature-10~+200℃ 
high temperature modification-10~+350℃
Converter: -10~+45℃
Working pressure Medium pressure≦2.5 Mpa Medium pressure≦4.0 Mpa
Power supply source All-in-one machine(DC24V or AC220V≦18W) 
Spilt type converter (AC220V≦19W)
Response speed 1S
Output signal 4~20mA(photoelectric isolation with top load of 500Ω) RS-485
(photoelectric isolation), HART protocal
Pipeline material carbon steel, stainless steel, plastics,etc.
Display All-in-one type: four lines with LCD
Contents of display Gas mass flow, standard condition volume flow, accumulated flow, 
standard time, accumulated running time, temperature of media,
 standard flow rate etc.
Level of protection of one-time meter IP67
Converter material Stainless steel Stainless steel, carbon steel
Installation And Connection
   If installed outside, the meter should be covered by sky shade to avoid exposing to the sun and rain.
 Do not install in sharp pounding situation.
Do not expose to dangerous environment heavily charged with corrosive gas.

Do not share power source with polluting equipment such as converter and welding machine,
and power conditioner can be installed for converter if necessary.
Installations and Connection of All-in-one Meter
       Exterior Appearance Construction Drawing

All-in-one plug type should be inserted in axes of the measured pipeline; therefore,
the length of overcastting staff depends on the caliber of the measured pipeline. If impossible, 
the manufacture will offer calibration coefficient to accomplish accurate measurement.
All-in-one full-tube type employs flanged connection, in accordance with GB/T9119-2000(details see appendix 2).

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