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Type:CX-SVFM swirl vortex flow meter

Illustrate: CX-SVFM Swirl Vortex Flow Meter GeneralIntroduction Intelligent Swirl flow meter developed by our company is a new flow instrument at the leading level in our country. This instrument has a combined function of flow capacity, temperature and pr..

CX-SVFM Swirl Vortex Flow Meter

General Introduction

Intelligent Swirl flow meter developed by our company is a new flow instrument at the leading level in our country. This instrument has a combined function of flow capacity, temperature and pressure measuring. It can also conduct auto compensation of temperature, pressure and compressibility factor. It is an ideal gas dosing instrument for petroleum, chemical, electricity and metallurgic industries.

Main Applications
Intelligent Swirl flow meter is widely used in measuring various gas flow rate in petroleum, chemical, electricity and metallurgic industries and city gas supply.

Structure of Flow meter
The flow meter is composed by the following seven basic parts (Figure 1):
1. Vortex generator
It is made of aluminum alloy with a certain angle of helical blade, and is fixed at the front part of 
shell constriction. It forces the fluid to form strong eddy.
2. The shell 
It has flange with s certain shape of fluid flow passage; due to different operating pressure, material 
of the shell could adopts cast aluminum alloy or stainless steel. (Figure 1)
3. Integrating instrument of intelligent flow meter (Figure 3 shows the operating principles)

Integrating instrument is composed by temperature, pressure testing analog channel, digital channel of 
flow rate measuring and micro processing unit, LCD driver circuit and other support circuit, and is
 equipped with output signal interface.
4. Temperature pickup
With Pt100 platinum resistor as its sense organ, and with a certain range of temperature,
 resistance quantity shares correspondence relation with the temperature.
5. Pressure sensor
With Piezoresistive diffused silicon connection circuit as its sense organ, its bridge arm resistance
 will make contemplated change under outer pressure, so under effect of certain energizing current, 
potential difference at both output terminal share a direct proportion with outer pressure.
6. Piezoelectricity crystal probe
It is installed at the laryngeal part of the dilating section of the shell and can detect frequency 
signal of eddy movement.
7. Swirl reducer
It is fixed at exit section of the shell to reduce whirling current and thus reduce compact on the performance 
of instruments of lower reaches.
Operating principles
Flow through section plane of flow sensor is similar to shaped conductor of venture pipes (Figure 2). Fix a helical guide vane at entrance side, when the fluid enters the flow sensor, the guide vane will force the fluid form fierce vortex. When the fluid enters the dilating section, the vortex will begin the second rotation under influence of reflux and will form gyro vortex precession. Frequency of the precession shares a direct proportion with flow rate, free from influence of the fluid’s physical nature and density, therefore, precession frequency of the second rotation acquired by detecting element can obtain good linearity in a large scale of flow rate. Signals will be enlarged, filtered by the preamplifier and will change into pulse signal which shares a direct proportion with flow speed, then the signals will be sent to micro processing unit to be integrated together with detection signals of the temperature and pressure, finally, the measuring result will be displayed on the liquid crystal display (instantaneous delivery, integrated flux and temperature and pressure data)

Flow rate and dimension 
1 flow rate


Flow Range
( m3/ h)
( MPa)
15 1.5~12 1.6

Lower than one third 
of the absolute
 value of the limit 
of intrinsic error
20 2~15
25 3.0~30
32 6.0~60
40 7.0~70
50 10~130
80 30~400
100 70~800
150 90~1000
200 190~1900
(Table 1)
Notes: 1. Accuracy rating: system accuracy after temperature and pressure are revised;
2. A and B are used to distinguish different flow range of the same latus rectum.
 (Table 2)

Inside Nominal 
Nominal Pressure
Outside Measurement(mm) Material of Outer Part Weight
Length of 
Outer Part A
Height H Stainless
15/20 1.6/2.5/4.0 160 360 6
6.3/10 160 365   8
25 1.6/2.5/4.0 180 367 7
6.3/10 180 378   10
32 1.6/2.5/4.0 200 383 9
6.3/10 200 402   12
40 1.6/2.5/4.0 200 383 9
6.3/10 200 402   12
50 1.6/2.5/4.0 230 403   11
6.3/10 230 421   14
80 1.6 330 438 11
2.5/4.0 330 438   18
6.3/10 330 446   21
100 1.6 410 468 14
2.5/4.0 410 475   18
6.3/10 410 483   33
150 1.6 585 542 21
2.5/4.0 585 549   52
6.3/10 585 572   72
200 1.6 700 618 41
2.5 700 626   117
4.0 700 634   127
Note: high pressure flow meter needs to customized, such as:10Mpa, 16Mpa,20Mpa,25Mpa,42Mpa

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