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Type:miniature gear pump

Illustrate:1.miniature gear pump 2.Integrated design of pump head and motor 3.Brushless driver is integrated in the motor tail 4.make the product structure compact 5.more suitable for installation space is relatively narrow occasions

pump is designed with magnetic drive and only O-ring seals, there is no risk of failure of the dynamic seal. Gears and bearings made of PEEK material with special filling materials, high-precision industrial ceramic shafts, one-shot injection gears and special gear type lines with independent intellectual property rights ensure that NP series products have an extremely high service life and wear resistance. Sex. It is ideal for conveying small flow, high pressure, pulsating corrosive liquids, abrasive liquids, and high temperature liquids.
Product advantages
The pump body is made of high-performance stainless steel,with extremely high wear resistance and long service life
The product has low power consumption and little heat,and can work continuously for 24hours
The use of high-performance magnetic drive,good sealing,really achieve zero leakage
The pump body can be made of 304/316/Hastelloy/,titanium alloy and engineering plastics,suitable for the vast majority of chemical media
With excellent corrosion resistance,widely used in most chemical medium transport
Advanced processing equipment,stable and reliable product quality
Tungsten steel gears are suitable for medium containing small particles
High efficiency and energy saving,easy maintenance,low installation cost,long service life
Diversified drive,wide application in the industry,complete models

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