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CX-FM fuel consumption flow meter(fuel counter)
Oil Oval Gear Flowmeter
CX-UWM-TDS-100W ultrasonic water meter
CX-CMFI coriolis mass flow meter
Electromagnetic Flow Meter for Water and Chemical
Micro Flow Meter
stainless steel electromagnetic flowmeter
ogm flow meter
Red Liquid Flow Switch
120G FM Radar level Meter
Radar Level Meter purpose
26GHZ Radar level meter
CX-ULM-A Ultrasonic level meter
CXPTB-200/201/202/203 level transmitter
marine liquid level controller
float level controller
CX-FLM-RF3002 small float level switch
CX-FLM-RF3002 small float level switch
miniature gear pump
High speed pump
Gear Metering Pump
Control Pressure Transmitter sensor
CX-PS-PQ35 intelligent pressure switch
CX-EPS-30 electronic pressure switch
CX-PS-SV negative pressure controller
CX-PS-SV micro negative pressure controller
CX-PS-SSP differential pressure controller
CX-PS-SP micro pressure controller
.CX-PS-SP low pressure controller
CX-PS-SP high pressure controller
CX-BT-WSSX-100B explosion-proof electrical contact thermometer digital
CX-TS-118 digital thermometer
CX-TS-102 digital temperature transmitter
CX-TS-100 digital temperature transmitter
CX-TK-104 intelligent temperature controller
CX-TK-102 intelligent temperature switch
CX-WTZ/WTQ-280/288 pressure type thermometer
WSS/ WSSX bimetal thermometer
thermal resistance with fixed threaded tube connector
CX-LHT-130/140 leeb hardness tester
CX-LHT-110120 leeb hardness tester
CX-CTG-250/251/252 coated thickness meter
CX-CTG-242 coated thickness meter
CX-CTG-230/231/232 coated thickness meter
CX-CTG-220/ 221/ 222 coated thickness meter
CX-CTG-210/211 coated thickness meter
CX-DUFD-520/521/522 digital ultrasonic flaw detector
CX-DUFD-300/500/550/600 digital ultrasonic flaw detector
CX-CIE ion selective electrode(ISE)
CX-ICPW industrial composite pure water ph electrode
CX-IAC-1403 industrial alkali concentration meter
CX-RCB waterproof conductivity test pen
CX-RTB waterproof salinity/tds test pen
CX-TDS-0502 pen type tds meter
CX-RDB waterproof dissolved oxygen (DO) test pen
CX-ROB waterproof orp test pen
CX-PPH-1610 portable ph meter
CX-FT-LK80 flow totalizer
CX-PR-ASR100 color paperless recorder
CX-PR-ASR200 paperless recorder
CX-PR-VPR130-RG paperless recorder

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