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CX-ULM-A Ultrasonic level meter
CX-UWDM-SFC water depth meter
CX-UWDM ultrasonic water depth meter
CX-ULM-Y ultrasonic sludge level analyzer
CX-ULM-XRP ultrasonic level meters
CX-TLS-WK external liquid level alarm
CX-ULM-TII small blind area ultrasonic level meter
CX-ULM-T small blind area ultrasonic level meter ex
CX-ULM-SX handheld ultrasonic water depth meter
120G FM Radar level Meter
Radar Level Meter purpose
26GHZ Radar level meter
CX-RLM-080 intelligent radar
CX-RLM-070 series of guided wave radar material level gauge
CX-MLM   magnetic level meter
CX-BLM-CS-49H type flat boiler level meter
magnetostrictive level transducer
magnetostrictive level transducer
Magnetostrictive Level Gauge
CXPTB-200/201/202/203 level transmitter
CX-PTB928/CX-PTB 928(S) level transmitter
CXPTB-224 level transmitter (corrosion proof type)
CXPTB-222 level transmitter(insert type)
CXPTB-221 level transmitter(local display)
CXPTB-220 level transmitter (immersion type)
CIXIO1019 level and temperature integrated transmitter
marine liquid level controller
float level controller
CX-FLM-RF3002 small float level switch
CX-FLM-RF3002 small float level switch
CX-FLM-RF3001 muti-point small float level switch
CX-FLM-RF3001 small float level switch
CX-FLM-FYKS cable float level switch
CX-FLM-FYKG stainless steel float level switch with cable
CX-ZXK-XBD series break-down level meter

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