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Pressure gauge

Magnetic-assist Explosion-proofElectric Contact Pressure Gauge
Axial with Edge Explosion-proofElectric Contacts Pressure Gauge
Panel Type Explosion-proofElectrical Contacts Pressure Gauge
Explosion-proof Electric ContactPressure Gauge(normally closed type)
Common Explosion-proofElectric Contact Pressure Gauge
High-temperature ResistantExplosion-proof Electric ContactPressure Gauge
Oil Prohibited (oxygen use)Explosion-proof Pressure Gauge
Explosion-proof Electric ContactPressure Gauge
Screw TypeDiaphragm Explosion-proofElectric Contact Pressure Gauge
CX-DPG-RG-51 high quality digital pressure gauge
CX-DPG-130Z digital pressure gauge 130Z type
CX-DPG-118 digital pressure gauge 118type
CX-DPG-109 digital pressure gauge 109type
CX-DPG-108 digital pressure gauge 108 type
CX-DPG-107 digital pressure gauge 107type
CX-DPG-104 high quality digital pressure gauge
CX-PG-SYCFX-100/150 electric contact all stainless steel differential pressure gauge
CX-PG-XC series magnetic-assistance electric-contact pressure gauges
CX-PG-XCA / XCBA series electric-contact ammonia pressure gauges
CX-PG-SP series anti-vibration electric-contact pressure gauges
CX-PG-MINI small pressure gauge with high accuracy
CX-PG-SD series hygiene type diaphragm pressure gauge
CX-PG-P / TP series diaphragm pressure gauges
CX-PG-TFE/E pressure gauges
CX-PG-0 series oxygen pressure gauge
CX-PG-A / AB / TNA / TN-BF series ammonia pressure gauges
CX-PG-J / TN-BF series pressure gauge
CX-PG-TN series anti-vibration pressure gauges

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